Reimbursement Spending Accounts

Pay Plans & Benefits, Inc. supports a full spectrum of spending and reimbursement accounts, including flexible spending accounts (FSA), health savings accounts (HSA) and more. Our plans offer flexible options and multiple opportunities for cost savings. Our experts can even advise you on which plan types may work best for your organization’s needs.

PAY PLANS & BENEFITS, INC. offers your organization:

  • Flexibility – The ability to change your existing plans or add additional plans quickly and easily.
  • Consolidation – Uniform administrative practices and performance reporting across all spending accounts, from one vendor.
  • Independence – Switch health plan providers while leaving your current spending accounts in place, avoiding the hassle of starting over or re-educating employees on a new program.

Convenience and Simplicity

The success of any spending account program relies on your employees having an understanding of how their plans work. 0 provides your workforce with knowledgeable guidance and service.

Pay Plans & Benefits, Inc. Offers Your Employees

  • Consistency – Simplified participant experience with one debit card for all health accounts, one website, one mobile app and one customer service center.
  • Education – Tutorials and user guides teach participants how to get the most value from their spending account.
  • Convenience – A website that’s useful and familiar as their online banking experience, and a mobile app that helps users stay connected to their accounts, including the ability to snap a photo and upload receipts instantly.
  • Choice – Account funds are accessed through a debit card, automatic reimbursement, or when needed, a reimbursement request that’s processed and paid within an average of 7- to-10 business days.