To succeed, you need to stay focused on your business goals, not get mired in administrative hassles. We understand. That’s why PP&B provides the expertise and advice you need to transform Human Resources Management from an administrative burden to a strategic asset. Our flexible service model allows you to select the level of service that is right for you, from basic HR software all the way to a full BPO solution that helps you:

  • Improve processes and eliminate wasted time and resources
  • Respond to compliance and legislative changes quickly, so your business keeps moving in the right direction
  • Maximize your return on investment by improving efficiency

Help with Managing Compliance Issues and Employee Data

Staying ahead of changing regulations and keeping employees informed places tremendous demands on your HR department’s time and resources. When PP&B manages your HR, payroll and employee payroll tax filing, you can:

  • More effectively manage sensitive or complex HR information, such as salaries and performance reviews
  • Improve recordkeeping and compliance efforts through better reporting
  • Automate payroll- and tax-related aspects of HR

Tools to Communicate HR Strategy and Promote Engagement

PP&B’s HR solution makes it easier to stay connected with your employees through a configurable portal with a single point of access for all your employees and managers. You can improve employees’ engagement by allowing them to access company news and information and perform various HR tasks using a full suite of employee and manager self-service tools.

Streamlined Workflow with Employee Self-Service

With PP&B HR services, you can free up time for more strategic activities. Configurable workflows can route employee requests to the right levels for appropriate approvals and notifications, while enhancing security by giving you control over which data your managers and workers can see. You’ll have full visibility into all employee and manager activity – from vacation requests and address changes to employee benefit elections – through a single, secure point of access that managers and employees can use to perform self-service tasks such as:

  • Enrolling or changing benefits information
  • Reporting life events such as moving or having a baby
  • Acknowledging company policies
  • Viewing pay statements and W-2 information
  • Changing W-4 tax information
  • Managing a 401(k) account
  • Viewing the company directory
  • Submitting requisition requests
  • Approving leave requests
  • Managing performance and goals